Worn Gundidj
at Towerhill

Worn Gundidj at Tower Hill – a successful aboriginal social enterprise.

Located in Warrnambool, Worn Gundidj at Tower Hill has been running as an aboriginal social enterprise for over two decades. Delivering tourists, businesses and community groups Cultural insights and connection through a special place and an Indigenous lens.


Cultural experiences creating Indigenous opportunities

(and happy customers)

Tourists from all corners of the world have visited Tower Hill for a unique Worn Gundidj experience. They come to connect with earth’s oldest continuous living Culture through food, ecology, community, history and activities.

As an Indigenous operated commercial enterprise, Worn Gundidj at Tower Hill assists individuals into employment and empowers people to become active agents in their own future; delivering on their own aspirations.

But the enterprise has also provided opportunity for local Indigenous members to connect and pass on important historical and community knowledge, keeping alive Cultural traditions.


A Social Enterprise model for better social outcomes

Our Social Enterprise sustains and supports Indigenous job seekers and community members experiencing disadvantage. The Tower Hill tours and additional range of tourism services also support a raft of social engagement programs. As well as employment and participation opportunities.

As experts in social procurement, we work closely with local councils and community groups. Local and state support for our procurement framework helps us in delivering successful outcomes.


Worn Gundidj Seed Project

Tower Hill is a key location for the Worn Gundidj Seed Project. Efforts to re-wild Tower Hill to its once natural state has made it a perfect location to source local native seeds. Find out more about the Worn Gundidj Nursery and Worn Gundidj seed project.


Bush Foods

Worn Gundidj at Tower Hill tours, events and programs are supported by our Worn Gundidj Bush Foods social enterprise. The Worn Gundidj kitchen provides meals and snacks as part of our tourism activities.


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